Course List

The Cyber Pipeline Curriculum contains several courses from K-State's Computational Core that have been aligned with AP curriculum standards. These are the same courses we use in our Computer Science Certificate and Integrated Computer Science degree programs, so students are getting the real college experience! Currently available courses include:

  • CC 110 – Introduction to Computing
  • CC 210 – Fundamental Computer Programming Concepts

Beyond the introductory courses, many advanced courses are also available for schools wanting to go further or bolster their existing curricula. These include:

  • CC 120 – Web Page Design
  • CC 310 – Data Structures & Algorithms I
  • CC 310 – Data Structures & Algorithms II
  • CC 410 – Advanced Programming


College Credit Options

Students taking these courses may choose to take the associated AP exam to gain college credit that is accepted nationwide. We can also work with your local community or technical college to explore options for college credit through the Kansas Career and Technical Education (CTE) program. Finally, any students who attend K-State in a CS degree or certificate program may also earn credit by examination for many of these courses, jumpstarting their college career.