White House Touts New Grant in "Smart Cities" Press Release


A recent White House press release announcing their new $160 million "Smart Cities" Initiative touted a new collaborative grant between CIS and ECE as an example of research awards focused on Smart and Connected Communities at the National Science Foundation (NSF). Kansas State was awarded the 3 year, $700,000 grant entitled "Secure Transactive Energy in Power Distribution Systems" in October 2015. Investigators in the grant include Scott DeLoach from CIS and Anil Pahwa, Sanjoy Das, and Bala Natarajan from ECE.

The “Smart Cities” Initiative is designed to distribute over $160 million in federal research to help local communities tackle key challenges such as reducing traffic congestion, fighting crime, fostering economic growth, managing the effects of a changing climate, and improving the delivery of city services. The Smart and Connected Communities awards support research in the integration of computing, networking, and physical systems, such as in self-driving cars, smart buildings, and smart energy. The new grant was described as one of several grants that are "novel approaches to integrate distributed power sources, such as rooftop solar panels and storage batteries, with the existing electric power grid".