Computer Accounts and Procedures

Cole Cooper

Hey everybody. We've had a lot of support requests and questions about this, so here is a quick rundown on CIS accounts.

  1. You will need an account on CIS systems because we are not tied to eID login in any way.
  2. To request an account, go to and click on the button that says "request CIS account".
  3. Most questions can be answered by looking at the CIS support wiki: If you cannot find an answer to your question, send an email to
  4. Public Labs:
    • N122: 16 Windows desktops
    • N126: 8 Windows desktops
    • N128: 17 Linux desktops
    • N021: 41 Thin Client desktops that can login to either Windows or Linux
  5. All labs are 24 hours and under video camera surveillance.